Richest People in the World 2014

It is true that everyone wants to be rich in life,but it is not very easy to make yourself rich,it is also true that some people get great money in life without any handwork and some people throughout their life work hard again and again but they are not able to make money.To become richest person in the world luck means too much.When you have good luck than you can get great from your life despite of that you do nothing special in life but when you try to do more and more and work really hard and luck is not with you than you may not able to get all the things that you wants from your life.Bill-Gates

Some people become rich in life because of  their family backgrounds.Sometime family backgrounds matters too much.If you belongs to a rich family than you may become rich person without any hard work but when you have not any rich family and than you may not able to become rich person ,you need great effort to become rich and sometimes you need great persons who helps you in becoming rich and sometimes you need ideas to become rich person of the world.

Bill Gates (net worth $76 Billion)

Carlos Slim Helu and Family (Net worth $72 Billion)

Amancio Ortega (Net Worth $64 Billion)

 Warren Buffett (Net Worth $58.2 Billion)

Larry Ellison (Net Worth – $48 billion)

Charles Koch (Net Worth – $40 Billion)

David Koch (Net Worth – $40 Billion)

Sheldon Adelson (Net Worth – $38 Billion)

Christy Walton and Family (Net Worth – $36.7 Billion)

Jim Walton (Net Worth – $34.7 Billion)