5 Colognes For Men That Are Cheap And Chic!

The way you dress and groom tells a lot about the person you are. And this includes your cologne too. It is very important that you smell fresh and elegant throughout the day, especially if you are going out for a meeting or a date. Here are some amazing, budget-friendly cologne options so that you never have to think twice before buying a cologne.

1. Cerruti 1881 By Nino Cerruti

This cologne has been a long-time favorite among men since it was introduced in the 1990s. It has a spicy herbal with a lavender top note that blends well with the base notes of wood and patchouli for a unique scent. It has quite a combination of refreshing fragrance with the musky scent that feels extremely masculine.

The best part is that anyone irrespective of his age can carry Cerruti 1881. This is an evening scent and will go best with the romantic setting of the evening dates.

2. Intimately Beckham By Beckham

This is another classic manly cologne that works best on romantic dates. Intimately Beckham has classic blends on Sandalwood, Nutmeg, Patchouli, Violet and Grapefruit in its notes. These different upfront notes give it a fruity fragrance along with spice and wood base note. The scent is bit heavier, as a result, it lasts longer.

This is an everyday wear cologne and lasts well beyond five hours with hints of sandalwood staying longer. The complex scent of this fragrance means it is not for everyone’s taste, but if you are looking for something different and complex to wear every day, then this is your fragrance.

3. Nautica Voyage By Nautica

You can define this cologne as simply the top-recommended cheap cologne. It has a versatile yet simple scent that can be worn on any occasion. The top note of Nautica Voyage is a blast of citrus followed by salty cucumber smell. It has a dewy moss base that stays longer with the faint citrus scent. This cologne is the perfect combination for a refreshing day-time perfume.

This is the best option if you are looking for a daily wear cologne. Longevity is a bit issue for this perfume, but it can be considered best for the price.

4. Adidas Deep Energy

If you are pretty new at using cologne and do not wear it often, then Adidas Deep Energy is the best way to start. It has the classic woody fragrance, along with a mix of spicy green apple, musk and cardamom scent. You can wear this cologne daily because of its classic scent.

Adidas Deep Energy is by far the best cologne by Adidas, and can also be considered as the best sports fragrance.

5. Passion By Elizabeth Taylor

It is one of the most popular fragrances (and common too). So if you are looking for a unique and distinct cologne, then go for the others. The top notes of spicy ginger and nutmeg along with strong jasmine smell thereafter makes it a perfect evening wear. This is a floral fragrance for men, so it goes best with the intimate dates.

The cheap price of this cologne along with its large bottle makes it one of the best budget colognes.

Top 3 best selling fragrances you should buy

With a number of classic scent including flower to Asian notices, a female can establish her personality through the scent she using. A scent can evokefemininity and sensuality, exoticism – or all of the above. Haute couture has long recognized certain fragrances’ attraction from the minds and hearts of females worldwide. List of best smelling fragrances for your reference.

However fragrances happen to be around ancient times in Egypt, the Roman empire and Persia, modern perfume as we know it today was launched on the end of 19th century. Combining a number of smell from mainly all-natural options like woods, flowers, barks and fruits, an entire industry of perfumes has been given that produces about $31 billion per year globally. Worldwide Industry Specialists Inc., which posts off-the-shelf researching the market in excess of 9,500 companies from 36 countries all over the planet, reviews that the overseas scent and perfume industry will probably be worthy of about United states $45.6 billion dollars by 2018.

Any person who’s any person is establishing a perfume today. Not only are cosmetic companies and fashion designers introducing them, but celebrities too. Lately, Sarah Jessica Parker‘s “Lovely” became the most popular celebrity-endorsed perfume in the U.K., according to The Daily Mail Online. Although several movie star perfumes have landed on details of top retailers, they cannot often take on the set up popularity of vintage perfumes designed by style properties and plastic businesses.

Whilst new and novel perfumes are launched each and every period, the following several classic scents have survived the test of your time, the fluctuating marketplaces and broadly diverse trends. These fragrances not only revolutionized women’smen’s and ) love affair with perfumes, but they have deeply ingrained historical significance. In between the perfumes’ simple but unique notes (that is, the amount of aromas launched because the employed scent fades), their individuality at the time of launch, wise advertising and marketing activities as well as an occasional controversy, these perfumes have grown to be the world’s most popular and greatest-promoting aromas.

Avon Today Eau de Parfum Spray

1. Avon Today Eau de Parfum Spray

Users agree that even with a single use, you’ll be totally hooked on how excellent this parfum. One particular reader says, “This is among my absolute favorites one that we will never be without ! Its scent is incredible and also can last for several hours. Normally i get kind comments on it. Extremely feminine, and not too much expensive, specially when it is on sale. Fairly package, also! ” One more readers who confirms the smell is as outstanding since the price states, “It smells great! It’s very soothing and alluring. Could be perfect for an evening out. I’d say among my preferred! “. See more info at official page here.

2. Coach Poppy Flower Eau de Parfum Spray

This as a “soft floral” and I think that is a excellent description for this particular. It’s not as strong or large as Mentor Poppy (not too that a person is all that large, just heavier than that one) and it also doesn’t turn into a super sugary smell each day since the Coach Poppy does. I still prefer the origina, though i do like this one and wear it from time to timel

3. PACO RABANNE Lady Million

The Lady Million woman generates a flamboyant couple with all the 1 Million man. Brilliant, Glamorous, Femme Fatale, Excessive… she actually is the individual who leads this game. She embodies the ideal woman, the most effective won’t be enough for her!

The 3 Cheapest European Regions you Should Visit in 2014

A visit to Europe is a dream of every guy especially a married couple.  I think everyone in this world is curious to visit Europe. Because the land is full of natural as well as human-made beauty. Long and high buildings, huge water pools and dams, greenery around, fantastic buildings, restaurants that attract attention of people passing buy, smell and aroma of delicious and tempting food, best rides of the world and amusement parks with thrilling and sizzling rides all are part of Europe. A tour to Europe is therefore necessary for those people who have attraction towards their zest.Europe is very beautiful place in the world and people all around the world  love ti visit Europe during their summer vocations and love to spend their free time in teh famous places of the Europe.People from all around the world visit Europe and love to spend more and more time their and want to move here and their with their own friends and family and wants to make their life beautiful and cool,trips are  very important in life and when you have good company in your trips than you can enjoy great in your life.czech-republic

But most of the people don’t visit Europe because they cannot afford. Expensive hotelling can vacant your pockets. You already have to pay a lot to reach obviously the airplane rent visa procedures and all that. Then you should have a bag full of money to have a tour around Europe. You should then plan to visit the cheapest and beautiful places in Europe which you can afford easily. You can visit Czech Republic that is an awesome place in Europe.Greece is rather affordable. If still you want to visit heart of Europe, You should go Amsterdam. Affordable but still beautiful.


Businesses You Can Start for Less than $ 5000

If you are tired of job or you think you cannot afford a job because of your lazy nature or your stubborn nature or if you think you cannot work under the supervision of others, you would surely want to start your own business. Some people have the mentality to start their own business rather to do a job under others. Such people cannot show their abilities if they are not given a free hand.Sometimes in life you may not able to earn great amount of money from the job but you want to earn money from the business.With business you may able to earn great amount of money and can able to make your life beautiful.When your;life is beautiful than you can enjoy it greatly and for great enjoyment you need large amount of money in your life140220023035-5-haiyan-aid-cost-horizontal-gallery

For starting a new business from scratch is a very difficult task. You need a complete setup for this and obviously you need money and assets. What if you do not have money to start a business? Obviously you cannot take loan for this as you do not have assets to keep in bank for a loan. Then you would have to job for few months or years to earn money to start a business. Here we can give you some ideas of businesses you can start with small money as less than 5000$. App development is a business that you can start with just 1 PC and internet connection. You can develop any software or android app and sell it to people. Painting is also a business that you can start with very less investment. You can open a tuition center and teach children.article-2076592-053B41A8000005DC-46_468x286

The Cheapest Countries in the World for a Holiday

It is summer and most of the families decide to go on a holiday vacation. Holiday vacation can be a source of pleasure for you and your family. So a holiday break leaving your tough routine is very important. You plan for a holiday but you cancel the plan just because you are short of money. This should not be happen. Because some pleasures are expensive than money. So this summer don’t change your plan and pack up your bags because we are going to describe some cheap and beautiful countries of the world that can make your holiday awesome.Life is very beautiful than way should we not make it more beautiful by visiting different places of the world.It will keep us healthy and happy and life,journey are very important in life for good life,when you move here and there in your life than you can enjoy your life in a great way so keep moving in your life in you want to earn great from your life.


Cambodia is a beautiful country located in southern portion of the Indochina Peninsula in Southeast Asia. This beautiful country is famous for its ancient stupas. If you have interest in history, you have the best opportunity to spend a holiday there. Vietnam is situated in is the easternmost country on the Indochina Peninsula in Southeast Asia. This country was associated with a destructive war ‘Vietnam war’ but now it can be a best place for holiday. Boliviais a landlocked country located in western-central South America. Bolivia has the largest mountain range in Asia. If you have interest in mountains, you can spend holidays in Bolivia as it is very economical.


5 Nutritious Foods that can Bought for $ 5 or less

Nutritious food is necessary for healthy living. Some people like taste. They add spices in food, with oil and some herbs that make the food very tasty and having a special aroma but these all things are not good for health. They are harmful for stomach and cause ulcer in stomach, acidity and other disorders of stomach. So a balanced and nutritious diet is very important.Eating good food is very important in life.You should try to eat good food in life that will mkae you happy in life and with food you will able to get good health and good diet.Food is very important in life without food it is not easy to live for longer period of time so try to eat good food in life and try to make your life beautiful and keep smiling in your life.Healthy_Meal_230x230

There is a misconception; I must say a general conception of people that nutritious food is very expensive. We cannot afford it daily. Fruits are very expensive, good and healthy and pure milk is out of the budget for most of the people who have long families, fresh vegetables are very expensive we cannot afford them. This concept is also wrong. You can buy food which is healthy and nutritious and also economical. Multi Grain Pasta is very economical and easily available in markets. It is full of fiber.Non-Fat Greek Yogurt is also very healthy and nutritious. It is best for filling of stomach. Wheat Bread is obviously best for filling of stomach and also best in fiber. Brown Rice is very economical and is very good and nutritious. White Rice is also economical and is best nutritious food.




All images credited to Funlava

Richest People in the World 2014

It is true that everyone wants to be rich in life,but it is not very easy to make yourself rich,it is also true that some people get great money in life without any handwork and some people throughout their life work hard again and again but they are not able to make money.To become richest person in the world luck means too much.When you have good luck than you can get great from your life despite of that you do nothing special in life but when you try to do more and more and work really hard and luck is not with you than you may not able to get all the things that you wants from your life.Bill-Gates

Some people become rich in life because of  their family backgrounds.Sometime family backgrounds matters too much.If you belongs to a rich family than you may become rich person without any hard work but when you have not any rich family and than you may not able to become rich person ,you need great effort to become rich and sometimes you need great persons who helps you in becoming rich and sometimes you need ideas to become rich person of the world.

Bill Gates (net worth $76 Billion)

Carlos Slim Helu and Family (Net worth $72 Billion)

Amancio Ortega (Net Worth $64 Billion)

 Warren Buffett (Net Worth $58.2 Billion)

Larry Ellison (Net Worth – $48 billion)

Charles Koch (Net Worth – $40 Billion)

David Koch (Net Worth – $40 Billion)

Sheldon Adelson (Net Worth – $38 Billion)

Christy Walton and Family (Net Worth – $36.7 Billion)

Jim Walton (Net Worth – $34.7 Billion)


Richest Countries in the World 2014

It is not easy to judge which is the richest country in the world.But there are  many ways to judge the richest country in the world.According to my point of view the richest country to the world is that the people of the country are happy and loving,and the country whose people are happy from the admin are the richest country to the world because nothing is more expensive than the happiness and when you have happiness in life than you can achieve great things in life.It is true that the country whose people are happy can make great achievements in life.

But it is also true that wealth is very important in life when you do not have great amount of the wealth than you may not b richest person of the world and for any country who want to become richest country to the world should have some great things in life.You should have money and with money you also have the people with good nature and loving attitude and all of the people living their love each other and show great respect to each other.These are some of the richest countries of the world in year 2014.


Qatar (Average GDP more than $ 100,000)

Luxembourg (average GDP – $77,958)

Singapore (Average GDP – $61,046)

Norway (Average GDP – $65, 640)

Hong Kong (Average GDP- $50,936)

Brunei Darussalam (Average GDP – $50,400)

United States of America (average GDP – $51,704)

United Arab Emirates (Average GDP – $48,400)

Switzerland (Average GDP- $45,285.80)

Kuwait (Average GDP – $43,700)Kuwait

Most Popular Female Singers In 2014

Singing is great and important task.It is not easy that everyone in the world can sing a great song.It need great practic to sing a song that may attract people all around the world.There are many singers in the world that are attracted by the people of all the world despite of the language difference which shows that in the field of song and the art the language is not matters at lot.When you have good voice and good way to use it than you may able to win the hearts of others and you may able to get popularity all around the world so there are many famous singers of 2014 all over the world which are not only famous in their own country but also all around the world.

You can get popularity because of your cool voice and the quality of the song.Some people my be attracted by you because of your great voice and some may like your singing with the quality of the world that you used in the song.Some people love old songs in the new way and most of the singers got fame because of singing old song in new style.You can get fame in the field of singing when you try to do something new and something different in this world.There are many ways to attract the people with your looks and beauty.You may able to attract others with your style more than that of your singing. So keep try to look different as well because looks are also important in the field of singing .Beyonce


Taylor Swift



Lady Gaga

Nicki Minaj

Cheryl Cole

Jennifer Lopez



Most Popular Male Singers In 2014

When it comes singing and the role of the man is very important in singing more than that of girls in our last topic we share the famous and most popular female singers of the world but here we are going to share the most popular and most famous male singer of year 2014.And some of the them are famous from many years.It is not easy to gain fame in a single year it may takes sometimes years to gain fame in this world.But sometimes even your first collection of songs make you famous all around the world.And the examples of these types of singers exists in this world who got fame from their first song but also there are many singers who get fame after years and years of hard work.Macklemore

Sometimes you may not able to get fame because of your voice but you may get fame because of your styles and different things that you are going to show to the people it is true that people all around the world are more attracted by the different things and when you show and sing different thing there are more chances of its success so try to focus on the things that are different and try to add and make new ideas sometimes only ideas win the hearts of others and people can get fame because of the ideas.

These are some of the famous singers of year 2014 and who get popularity because of their own great work in the field of singing in year 2014.Usher


Jason Derulo



Chris Brown

Taio Cruz


Bruno Mars