5 Nutritious Foods that can Bought for $ 5 or less

Nutritious food is necessary for healthy living. Some people like taste. They add spices in food, with oil and some herbs that make the food very tasty and having a special aroma but these all things are not good for health. They are harmful for stomach and cause ulcer in stomach, acidity and other disorders of stomach. So a balanced and nutritious diet is very important.Eating good food is very important in life.You should try to eat good food in life that will mkae you happy in life and with food you will able to get good health and good diet.Food is very important in life without food it is not easy to live for longer period of time so try to eat good food in life and try to make your life beautiful and keep smiling in your life.Healthy_Meal_230x230

There is a misconception; I must say a general conception of people that nutritious food is very expensive. We cannot afford it daily. Fruits are very expensive, good and healthy and pure milk is out of the budget for most of the people who have long families, fresh vegetables are very expensive we cannot afford them. This concept is also wrong. You can buy food which is healthy and nutritious and also economical. Multi Grain Pasta is very economical and easily available in markets. It is full of fiber.Non-Fat Greek Yogurt is also very healthy and nutritious. It is best for filling of stomach. Wheat Bread is obviously best for filling of stomach and also best in fiber. Brown Rice is very economical and is very good and nutritious. White Rice is also economical and is best nutritious food.




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